Exhaust Silencers

Standard and custom exhaust solutions for various applications from Industrial to Extreme Grade. We provide slim, cylindrical, disk, and compact silencers.

Exhaust Accessories 

Flex connectors


Bellows connectors

Thermal wrap / Insulation blankets

Wye connectors

Mounting brackets

Tubing and elbows & components

Nut, Bolt & gaskets kits for flanges

Customized accessories

Vent and Blowdown Silencers

Applications for vent silencers include power plants, oil and gas, industrial, chemical processing, heat recovery systems and steam boilers. Attenuates Noise from Expansion of Gas or Steam, Noise Levels Reduced to Residential or Occupational Levels and Effectively Reduces High Frequency Noise.


ASME Code Models Available

Heat Recovery

Process Heating

Space Heating & Air Conditioning

Domestic Hot Water Generation

Sea Water Distillation

Electric Power Generating Systems